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I aim to empower students to discover their sense of self and effectively communicate their personal values, experiences, and potential in well-crafted college essays. I offer a range of services/resources including college essay editing, live consulting, educational videos, and most valuable: a comprehensive online course to craft a successful college essay. My system places emphasis on the necessary pre-production work that will save time in the long run by implementing strategy, structure, and storytelling into every essay. Students I work with come from around the globe and have been accepted to Stanford, UPenn, Cornell, UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, Dartmouth, NYU, and many more.

Dyllen Nellis Stanford

Dyllen Nellis

CEO & College Consultant

B.S. Human-Centered Design & Engineering
Stanford University

When I applied to college in 2018, I noticed a lack of resources and guidance at my high school. Teachers and counselors often told us to "write your college essays!" but they failed to explain how. I wanted to understand the true strategy and structure of a college essay, because I presumed there was so much more depth to it than directly answering the prompt... I was right.

Though I couldn’t afford a private consultant, I sought out numerous articles, books, and videos to educate myself on the ins and outs of the college application process. What I learned was indispensable. College applications suddenly became an invigorating activity that challenged me to explore my own identity and convey it through stories. I gained awareness of the inner workings of my mind, created a system for my mental health, and became easily able to identify and communicate the qualities that made up who I was as a person!

After implementing each of the strategies I researched into my own applications, I was accepted into 8/8 schools I applied to including Stanford, USC, UCLA, NYU, and more. I couldn't wait to share this information with my peers as well as anyone in the world who was interested. Hence, I started making YouTube videos.

In 2020, I decided to preserve my college experience by taking a gap year from Stanford and dedicating my time and energy toward helping college-bound high schoolers. I spent practically every day editing essays and discussing ideas with students, which in turn provided me with even more valuable insight. I published tons of new videos, built my website, and devised a comprehensive online course to help students craft a successful college essay.

College applications can actually be quite exciting and fun to complete once you understand the strategy. But there currently exists a stark information gap between those who have access to educational resources and those who don't. I am driven to bridge this gap by utilizing the lessons I learn from personal experience and research to provide strategic, clear, and accessible resources for all students.

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"As a low-income and international student, I struggled with all the application and essay writing process since day one. I was not used to talking about myself through words and I didn't know if my story was impactful, nor if it was worth sharing. But being a recipient of a scholarship to enroll in this course was extremely helpful. I learned to brainstorm, choose my topics strategically, construct my ideas, analyze the impact on me and others, and create an essay that portraits my voice. Dyllen was amazing by giving free resources and creating this course. I appreciate all the time invested in this huge project and hopefully, it will continue to grow to help other students as it helped me."
- Marcela (Wellesley College), Peru