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We are a team of essay editors at top-tier universities,
ready to take your essay to the next level.

Dyllen’s College Essay Advice empowers students to discover their sense of self and effectively communicate their personal values, experiences, and potential through well-crafted college essays.

We will add comments and suggestions to improve essay structure,
sentence phrasing, clarity, cohesion, grammar, flow, and storytelling.

At the bottom of the document, we will write several paragraphs detailing your overall feedback: what you did well and how you can improve!

In addition to college essays, we also edit activity & award descriptions!
We will provide comments and suggestions to optimize word choice, cut down character count, and strategically order your activities list.

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Allison did an amazing job editing and providing feedback on my essay. She was able to point out mistakes and ideas that I would’ve never caught or thought of. I already had my draft done but I had trouble cutting out information because I knew some parts needed to be deleted but I couldn’t point out where. Allison helped with that and wow! She also asked questions that I could answer and add to my essay to make it more detailed, so it’s more “showing” than “telling”. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs any type of help on their essays.

Eva New Jersey

The Essay Editing services were incredibly helpful as the feedback was always succinct and precise, aiming not only to improve the flow of the essay but also to enrich the quality of its ideas.

Ishan - Columbia University India

I absolutely loved Izumi’s feedback! I sent her a BS/MD essay and my Common App essay, both of which had great feedback. Izumi gave me advice on how to restructure sentences and provided me with specific examples. I also liked how she gave me detailed examples of questions I should be thinking about when writing reflective portions of my essay. Overall, I saw a huge difference in my essays after following izumi’s edits and would definitely recommend her!

Keerthana Ohio

Kwame was a brilliant editor! I was blown away by the amount of detail and thoroughness he utilized in his feedback. He made specific overall suggestions on grammar/syntax, but also provided extensive feedback on each essay individually and asked prompting questions that helped me truly examine how I could elevate my storytelling. I would highly recommend Kwame if you seek extremely authentic, detailed feedback!

Miranda Texas

Divya was more than I could’ve ever asked for in an editor! She commented on everything possible, and left me with confidence in my essay. She told me what fit and what needed work, with conclusive explanations for everything. Worth every penny! Divya definitely created a helpful environment that has completely changed my ability to write.

Senna California

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    200-299 words

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    <199 words
    <199 words
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    A La Carte

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    300-499 Words

    $67 Normal
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    500-699 Words

    $87 Normal
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    0-199 Words

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    University of California
    Activities & Awards List

    $67 Normal
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    Diyva was expectional. Her focus on precision and concision helped elevate my short answers even more. Her edits were not only helpful for my answers but allowed me to learn more about writing in general. Her in-depth feedback helped guide me in the right direction and shifted my focus to making a more cohesive application. I got accepted under Stanford's REA and I truly could not have done it without Divya.

    Ariana Nevada

    I don’t think I could recommend Izumi enough. After sending her my Stanford short takes and supplemental essays, I was prepared for a few minor changes and comments. However, Izumi goes DEEP into your essay and finds not only the basic grammatical errors and ways to cut down your word count, but comments that delve into how changing the structure (or even content) of your essay can make you a stronger applicant. Besides over 100 comments/revisions, she leaves overall comments at the end of all her edits. What really sets her apart is that when she suggests a content or structural change, she explains WHY and gives you ideas on how you can reframe that part. And, although she most definitely doesn’t hesitate to give you suggestions and revisions when you need it, she also builds you up and points out parts of your essay that you did well! As if that wasn’t enough, she also looks at the essays cohesively in an effort to ensure you stand out as a person with your whole package. I can’t thank her enough!!!

    Olivia Virginia

    Nina’s editing style exceeded my expectations. Nina brought up points that I never would have thought of myself, and she included valuable information that will help me with future essays. I can’t believe I was thinking about submitting these essays before getting them looked at—I feel like my chances are now MUCH higher. Before the edits, I wasn’t sure if my essay would stand out, but Nina’s creative ideas, suggestions, and questions gave me a much clearer picture of how I should tell my story. For the supplemental essays, she pointed out how to be much more concise and powerful. While implementing her suggestions, I actually saw my essays transform before my eyes. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to get into their dream school!

    Ben New York

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      Your order must match the CURRENT word count of your essay, not the intended word count!
      This means for example, if your essay's word limit is 650 words but your essay is currently at 761, your order would be for the 700-899 word count.

      Pricing is by the current word count of EACH essay, not the total word count of several essays combined.
      This means for example, if you would like editing of 2 supplemental essays of 250 words each, you would place an order for 200-299 Words twice, not one order for 500-699 Words.

      For Normal Orders, your essay(s) will be edited before 11:59pm PST within 5 days after all materials are submitted correctly.

      For Rush Orders, your essay(s) will be edited before 11:59pm PST within 1 day after all materials are submitted correctly.
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      Can you take another look at my essay after I make revisions?

      Absolutely! We charge per round of essay revision, so if you'd like us to look over your essay again and provide notes/feedback, please place another order!

      Does this service include live meetings?

      This essay editing service is entirely offline, meaning you send us your essay and we edit it within a few days. But if you would like to consult with Dyllen Nellis live over Zoom, you can find more info here!

      Can you write/rewrite my essays for me?

      We will not write your essays for you! College essays are deeply personal and must come from your story, ideas, and writing. We will guide you through the development of your story and offer specific advice on how to improve essay structure,
      sentence phrasing, clarity, cohesion, grammar, flow, and storytelling. We can suggest alternative sentences or words you can use, but we will not completely rewrite sections of your essay. 

      Do you edit transfer essays?


      Why should I trust a college student's feedback?

      At Dyllen’s College Essay Advice, we believe that in order to provide quality feedback on college essays, our editors must have had success in their own college applications and receive proper training to help others. 

      I (Dyllen Nellis) applied to college in 2018, and after extensive research learning college essay strategy, I was accepted into every school I applied to. Every year since, I have continued to research college essay strategies, coach students to get into their top colleges, and have honed my storytelling abilities while at Stanford. I’ve learned an incredible amount through working directly with students and editing thousands of college essays.

      I then sought out other college students who had written stellar essays and who have the same passion to help others. It is incredibly important to us that everyone on our editing team shares the same in-depth understanding of college essay writing, so they have each been trained to give you quality feedback. In addition, we consistently conduct quality control to improve our essay editing!

      Having done it ourselves AND studied the techniques of others, we understand the components of a successful college essay and what makes a student "stand out".

      Nina was my son's angel. She worked through the holidays, and even at the last minute, with deadlines looming, her comments and edits were well thought out and instructive. I think that my son learned more about writing in the two weeks between Christmas and the New Year than in his 4 years of school! I only wish that we had found her and Dyllen a year earlier. They both went out of their way to be encouraging with rough love and pushed my son beyond anything I would've thought possible.

      Jean (Parent) California

      Allison is amazing! Her feedback is so insightful and thought out and truly improved the quality of my essay. I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is looking to add extra "spice" or clarity to their essays!

      Marya Texas

        Izumi's feedback is thorough and thoughtful -- she understood the message I was trying to relay (even when it wasn't clear!) and gave me insightful tips on how to rework my essay to make it the best it could be. I feel a million times more confident that my essay is one only *I* could've written!

        Jessie California

        I loved how Sascha was able to make so many suggestions all while keeping my voice and writing style in the essay. She thoroughly explained her reasoning behind any edits she made and also brought up things to consider that I never would have thought about. It was good to have fresh eyes read over it, especially someone who isn't necessarily from my area as I know that's what it will be like when admissions officers read my application. Thanks for your help!

        Charisse California


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