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Dyllen Nellis


The College Data Vault

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Our ultimate dataset reveals how the top 50+ colleges weigh different factors in admissions – such as your personal qualities, class rank, or geographic location – on a scale of 'not considered' to 'very important'.

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The Admissions Assistant

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An interactive template to organize your college application tasks, deadlines, links, and notes – all in one place!
No more overwhelm, chaos, or procrastination.

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You've got big dreams.
Now it's time to make them come true.

Your days are jam-packed with challenging classes and extracurriculars, and now you’ve gotta apply to college on top of that?! 🤯
With a lack of guidance, the college application process can be extremely daunting. I know you have loads of potential and you should know that too, but HOW you convince your dream schools is a whole new ball game.

Believe me, I've been there. After implementing a specific strategy, I was accepted into every school I applied to, committed to my dream school (Stanford University), and experienced a personal growth journey like never before.

I did it. Hundreds of my students have done it. And you can do it too.

If you're a high achieving student ready to discover your personal narrative, effectively convey your values to your dream schools, and earn thousands of dollars in scholarships – this free workshop will be a game-changer.

& bring your parent/guardian!

Hey there, I'm Dyllen!

I am a college admissions expert and undergraduate at Stanford University studying my self-designed major: Human-Centered Design & Engineering.

After getting accepted to every university I applied to, I began sharing my strategies online, working directly with students, and continuing to research college essay strategy every year since.

I believe the college application process is more than just getting into college, it's about using specific strategies to effectively convey your values, experiences, and potential to colleges. Not only will you maximize your chances of acceptance, but you will also unlock a stronger understanding of yourself.

My team and I have worked with THOUSANDS of students across the globe, whom have been accepted to Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, UPenn, UCLA, USC – just to name a few 😉

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Ignite Your Future With a Standout College Application

& bring your parent/guardian!

AI Passion Project Generator - Dyllen's College Essay Advice

AI Passion Project Generator

Create your next passion project and stand-out in college admissions.


Vivian - Stanford University California

Dyllen's college essay advising service stands unparalleled to any other service out there! I entered the college application process without much support from others but I stumbled upon Dyllen's YouTube channel over the summer. She generously offers so many free resources and I can tell that she loves working with every one of her students. I've watched a majority of her college application advice videos on YouTube and I also made use of some of her resources in her Google Drive folder. To all future applicants, definitely reach out to Dyllen for help! I thought of it as an investment into my future and I'm so glad that Dyllen makes this process accessible to all!

Jesus - Cornell University Texas, USA

Many times this year I have found myself struggling and lost with many aspects of my applications, but watching your videos has helped me craft what I believe to be a great application. I am low income and first-gen. I never had help from my parents, my school counselor, or even friends, but I always found myself learning more and more from you. You deserve recognition and gratitude. So thank you so so much for everything Dyllen. Thank you for helping those who can’t really receive help from others. You have an amazing heart.

Sarah - New York University Massachusetts

Your resources really helped me to challenge myself to play with my writing in a visual and creative way rather than try to make myself sound a certain way through my writing that wasn’t authentic. I loved the examples you used and the descriptions and emphasis on utilizing sensory imagery in my essays.

Lucia - UC Berkeley California

As a visual learner, Dyllen's integration of charts and graphs in her videos to display statistics and explain her college admission strategies was so helpful. I exclusively watched her YouTube videos knowing I would be able to understand and retain the information she presented. As a student busy with college applications, I watched Dyllen's videos with full confidence that my time was well invested and that I would gain valuable insight for my essays.

Alexandra - UT Austin Texas

Your resources helped so much! It was very fun watching your YouTube videos and seeing how you were so passionate about helping us through the college application process! They were so descriptive, detailed, and well-done. I know some people just include stats, but you went all out to make sure that we have useful resources! I also loved your crash course! It was pretty cool and useful to have all of those examples and chapters! I especially loved that you gave us a google slides filled with things! It really made it a lot easier to brainstorm about college essays!

Ramey Echt College Counselor at Matchlighters

I'm so impressed with all the content you have generated! I regularly share your videos with my students (I volunteer through Matchlighters- a scholarship program for low income students run by Ethan Sawyer). Your content is amazing! It's fun, informative, personal, honest, and easy to understand. I think it's especially great that it comes from a current student.

College Essay Guy (Ethan Sawyer) Author of College Essay Essentials

Waddup Dyllen! Love your videos. <3

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Dyllen Nellis Teaching High School Students How to Write a College Essay
"As a low-income and international student, I struggled with all the application and essay writing process since day one. I was not used to talking about myself through words and I didn't know if my story was impactful, nor if it was worth sharing. But being a recipient of a scholarship to enroll in this course was extremely helpful. I learned to brainstorm, choose my topics strategically, construct my ideas, analyze the impact on me and others, and create an essay that portraits my voice. Dyllen was amazing by giving free resources and creating this course. I appreciate all the time invested in this huge project and hopefully, it will continue to grow to help other students as it helped me."
- Marcela (Wellesley College), Peru