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Youssef California

I’ve had two of my essays edited by Dyllen, and I can confidently say that they are some of the best essays I wrote for my college application process. Not only was Dyllen’s essay editing significantly more affordable than some of the other college consulting services I used, but it was also much more detailed and thorough. Through providing lots of thought-provoking questions about the values and themes I wanted to portray in my essays, Dyllen really helped me make my essays as specific to who I am as possible and, in doing so, only helped me stand out more as a unique applicant. I highly recommend her essay editing service!

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By Word Count

$20 for <199 Words
$35 for 200-299 Words
$40 for 300-399 Words
$45 for 400-499 Words
$50 for 500-699 Words
$60 for 700-799 Words
$70 for 800-899 Words

per essay


$140 for All Stanford Essays
$35 for All Stanford 50-Word Questions
$160 for 4 UC PIQs
$70 for 2 USC Essays
$90 for 2 UMich Essays
$90 for 3 Columbia Essays
$160 for 5 MIT Essays

*These are for the supplemental essays all applicants must submit,
not including additional essays that are program-specific*

I will email back your edited essay within 5 days of receiving payment, but if you need it sooner, I can get it back in 1 day with a rush fee of $10 per essay.

I charge per round of essay revision, so if you'd like me to look over your essay again and provide notes/feedback, please submit another form and payment!

Your concerns are totally valid, I'd ask the same question if I were in your shoes!

Now let me tell you why I am exceptionally qualified:

I applied to college in 2018, so I'm very familiar with the entire process. Not only did I do extensive research on college application and essay writing strategies back then, but I have continued to do so ever since. I’ve learned an incredible amount through working directly with students and editing hundreds (soon to be thousands) of college essays. I find the process fascinating, even invigorating, and I truly believe in helping other students strengthen their own essays and build confidence.

College App Consulting

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Absolutely! Just let me know in the Calendly form above how long you’d like to meet, and submit the corresponding payment.

Yes! My rate is always the same ($30 per 30 minutes) so feel free to book as many appointments as you need.

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Featured Testimonials

Samantha Illinois

Dyllen has edited many of my essays, and I can confidently say I would recommend her to any of my friends or classmates. Her edits are very comprehensive and she has ensured that all my essays sound precise, personal, and interesting to read. I definitely recommend scheduling a Zoom call with her to explain your ideas for your essays, she has been very helpful in helping me find ways to elevate my essay topics and make them incredibly specific. Her help has reduced my stress greatly in this process and I truly believe her services are worth the money.

Vivaan - Duke University India

Dyllen is simply amazing! Not only did she help me brainstorm extremely creative ideas for both my common app and writing supplements but she also greatly improved my writing style. For anyone looking to get their essays edited, Dyllen is the person to go to!

Melany - Stanford University Washington

One of the most important decisions I made during my college application process was getting Dyllen to help me brainstorm essay ideas and later on edit two rounds of my Common App essay. Her feedback helped me understand where my writing was strong and where I needed to go back to the drawing board so that I could craft the strongest application possible. I cannot thank her enough and recommend her to any and everyone! She has helped me achieve my goal of attending Stanford, and I know she can do the same for you!

Kateryna - USC Cinematic Arts Luhansk, Ukraine

I found Dyllen’s YouTube channel and was absolutely in love with how easy and time-wise affordable her essay approach is. Everything is succinct, neat, to the point. After watching all her videos at least twice, I asked her to supervise my essays (grammar check, recommendation on improving contents) and, as a result, I have been accepted at 5 schools from 7 submissions (2 still pending). I can tell for sure that Dyllen is a conscientious, hard-working professional, whose services are worth every penny you pay. The notes she gave were always intelligible, and immediately instructed me ‘on the right pathway’ of my essay's journey. Thank you so much, Dyllen! I was lucky to find you and get your helping hand.

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